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The Great Grape Vine Experiment May 13, 2012

In my quest to bring France to my little spot in Kansas, I decided to build a trellis and grow my own wine grapes. At first, my husband thought I was completely wacko, but we both know that with any wine, the grapes make the difference. The surroundings, the soil, the love…it all goes in to making a great wine. The vines are more like children than plants because trial and tribulation grow the best grapes.

I found a nursery in Iowa that specialize in cold-weather grapes to make a tasty Bordeaux. I contacted the good folks at and ordered 8 plants. My super stud hubby and I went to the hardware store and bought the goodies to put together a grape trellis. We found a great video on how to build your own so that you have a sturdy structure to support your growing vines. It was some work, but not as difficult as we had thought. Even without the vines visibly growing, the trellis really makes our back yard look as if we’re in California or Burgundy, France! If you’re interested in building your own trellis, check out this link:

Violet and I planted these little babies, watered them, spoke to them and then named them. So say hello to Suzy, Wilbur, Tootsie, Larry, Paula, Honey, Ted and Ginger. They are now part of our clan and we’ll give them all the love we can muster. Hopefully in two to three years, we can have the grape-stomping party I’ve dreamed about and then I’ll know that France really has arrived in Kansas.

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The Good Stuff of Life April 21, 2012

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Can life get any better? Homemade bread, homemade wine and a sweet girl named Violet!