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Our Hairiest Edition to The Wild Six June 11, 2012

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Okay, I finally broke down. The kids decided they would rather have a dog than go on a little family holiday this summer. They promised to look after it and they’ve been true to their word. I’ve had many friends ask me what made me change my mind. I had always been adamant about not having pets. I told myself that we needed to wait; wait until we had more money, wait until the twins were older, wait until our schedules weren’t so crazy. But then I realized that there really are no perfect moments in our lives. Things are always in flux but that doesn’t mean we shut out an opportunity to expand our horizons and Grinch-ey hearts. So to those who want to give me the business for getting a dog, bring it – The Wild Six have now become seven and there’s plenty of love to go ’round.

p.s. I named him Rollie Fingers after the famous baseball pitcher with a HUGE stash!

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