A family of six and their fearless journey through life, love and the pursuit of all things yummy

About the Matriarch of The Wild Six May 1, 2012

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I’m one of those crazy women that have their fingers in about 20 pies at any given time. I cook and bake incessantly, always trying to perfect authentic French and Italian cuisine. I make my own cheese, wine, salad dressings, bread, granola, pastries, cakes, pies, jam, butter…not because I’m gourmet or an expert, but because I love food and live to learn more. My weaknesses are staying organized, optimistic, openness, and failure. You definitely don’t want to be in my immediate range of my throwing-arm when a recipe goes south!

I’m a true believer in teaching our kids how to make the perfect pie crust, speak in a perfect French accent, right along with teaching them that perfection is for crazies and it’s the crazy things we learn along the way. We have three words we use as a mantra in our house: optimism, adaptability, resilience.

The purpose of my blog is to help pass that mantra on to anyone else and rekindle that fire that burns within all human beings and keeps us strong, connected and gives us empathy and resolve.

Many people ask me, “Why did you name it ‘The Wild Six’?” Along with all the countless endeavors I have taken on as a wife and mother of four, I decided to tackle wine making (posts to come!). My husband and I sat around with our two older ones, Caius and Violet , and came up with a name for our “winery” – Les Six Sauvages. The Wild Six in French. As a family, it’s so us and I don’t want to ever lose that full-throttled, wide-eyed, gasping-for-breath craziness that makes us, us! Vive Les Six Sauvage!


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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and ‘liking’ my post! Just took a quick glimpse of yours and will definitely visit again.

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