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The Art of Maceration June 2, 2012

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Okay, there really is no art. In fact, it’s kind of up to you. The definition of maceration (in the culinary world) is to soak fruit in some sort of liquid. Any liquid. It’s basically marinating fruit. I started on this maceration kick because I wanted to cut down on the fat and calories that I use in my sweets. I am of German decent and of course, we put cream on EVERYTHING, so I started macerating fruits. This is what I tried last night with my low-cal baked custard: Macerated Blackberries with Sweet Vermouth. To quote a 13 year old, “O-M-G!” It’s delicious. And the great thing about using alcohol, it PRESERVES your fruit! Here are some other ideas what to do to macerate various fruits. Go crazy. Have fun. Name it after yourself. Life is too short to be humble. Slather your fruit over low-cal frozen yogurt or on top of angel food cake. Unreal. Thank you God for berries. And booze.

INSTRUCTIONS: Take any fruit (and I do mean any), sprinkle 1 T. of sugar/honey over fruit and add in whatever proportion any of the following (it’s to taste people!)

  • Liquors and liqueurs with a fruity, herbal or spicy profile
  • Vinegars such as balsamic, cider, red wine or champagne
  • Honey, maple syrup or agave nectar
  • Ground or whole spices including cinnamon, black pepper and star anise
  • Citrus juice and zest
  • Fresh, chopped herbs
  • Ginger
  • Fresh and dried chiles
  • Extracts like vanilla or almond

One Response to “The Art of Maceration”

  1. stcoemgen Says:

    With a half a dozen black and white mulberry trees, this post gives me yet another great idea what to do with the fruit aside from making wine or jam.

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