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Oh My Godda – It’s Your Own Ricotta! April 19, 2012

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Here are simple instructions for making your own ricotta.  I started checking the ingredients on the ricotta I was buying and discovered that they all contain xanthum gum or guar gum. Yipes! It’s easy and SO delicious. Give it a shot and let me know how yours turns out!

1/2 gallon whole milk

1 tsp. citric acid OR 1-2 T. of white vinegar

Salt (if desired)

Put your milk into a stainless steel pot. Add your citric acid or vinegar.

Turn your burner onto medium to medium high and slowly stir your milk until it reaches 195 degrees.ImageImage

Once it reaches that temp, take it off the heat and put a lid on it. Let it sit for about 10 minutes. This allows the curds to separate from the whey. Line a strainer with a lot of cheese cloth (I use clean, cheap, throw-away clothes!) and ladle your curds and whey into the cloth.


Let it strain for about a half an hour to an hour, depending on how moist or “dry” you want your cheese. This makes about 3/4 c. of ricotta. NOTE – If you don’t have enough curds, you can simply add more citric acid (a little at a time) or vinegar to your hot milk until you really see those curds forming! Good luck!



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