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How Do You Say, “You’re So Cool” En Francais? April 17, 2012

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I was attacked by another wild hair and came up with the brainiac idea to have us learn French. My husband and I have this love affair with France and decided to be preemptive and learn the native tongue. We found an amazing program online and only $10. What a deal and it works into everyone’s crazy schedule. There are no textbooks (thank God!) and you just listen and repeat. We’ve started “French Fridays” where the evening meal’s conversation focus is our French lesson. The kids are jazzed and I’m over the moon. Check out the Pimsleur Program.

Of course, the kids pick it up the best. My oldest daughter, Violet, was sitting in the afternoon sun today, repeating the lessons out loud. There’s nothing more amazing than hearing your child speaking French and with an accent that might even fool the most particular of Parisians.


Seeing her so focused and serious about the task at hand, reminded me of when she was three. She would use my digital camera and take snap shots of her feet. Just a myriad of toes. I printed them off and put them into a frame with multiple spots, all full of those sweet feet. She’s so amazing. Or as the French say, “Tu es etonnante.”

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